A graphic screenwriting of work situations

Describe the screenplay of your activities, step by step; visualize the pictures depicting each step; illustrate the choices and decisions of the learner; insert branches for limitless screenplays who fit the reality of the situations.


Sets by image superimpositions

Superimpose any images, symbols, and pictures to customize your sets either from the online pictogram catalogue or from your own visuals.

Choose your avatars and their behaviors. Setup their moves and image flows.

A multitude of possible interactions

Write the screenplay of any kind of interaction to put the learner in work situation: checkbox, on-screen selection, or quiz. Offer a multitude of possibilities to the learner and let him discover the consequences of his mistakes!


An immersed learning

Add your internal files, videos, screenshots of your tools, pictures of your work environment. Complete with sound effects and background sounds for more realism!


An entirely configurable interface

Fully configure the interface to match with your company’s visual identity and the theme of your communication campaign, your training plan, or your transformation program.


Role-plays for every work situation

Configure in a few minutes all the range of your work situations (customers, users, folders, …). Thanks to OnMap universal situation simulator, multiply the number of situations without modifying your screenplays, and produce quick to implement and easy to maintain modules.

A deployment that respect your constraints

Deploy your contents through our Saas platform, by using your LMS (Scorm) platform, or in offline mode. Allow your learners to visualize the contents on either PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone (both Android and iOS are supported).



Assessment of your learners

Define objectives, hand out points or withdraw them depending on the answers picked by the learner. Monitor your learners and gather their results to identify their weaknesses.


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