Why choose OnMap and its simulator OnMap flow?

A workload implementation up to 5 times smaller

Let’s imagine a serious game for salesmen, with customers that can be categorized with 4 attributes (purchase type, budget, …) with for each of them 3 possible situations.Without a simulator, we will need to write the screenplays of up to 81 instances (3 to the power 4) when 12 will be enough (3x4) withOnMapflow™.

A complete coverage of the work complexity

OnMap is based on a universal graphic screenwriting of workflows and a situation simulator. It is thus possible to write the screenplay without any limitation for the most complex tasks and to multiply the number of cases simulated to cover the whole range of possible situations.

A training based on constantly renewed real-life cases

The simulator allows for an infinite number of simulated cases to reproduce all the range of the real cases, thus allowing the learner to better remember the practices and the behaviors to adopt. Cognitive science teaches us that training is a powerful “cognitive hook”.

An online and continuous update to stick to the field

The easiness of learning and using of OnMap’s online studio, combined with the simplicity of the simulated work cases configuration, allow for a fluent and collaborative update of contents. The learner thus always has up-to-date training contents at his workplace.

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